Our Mission


To provide the most body flattering, trendiest and well-made swimsuits at affordable prices. To provide impeccable quality and superior customer service to every customer of Bèl Bagay Swimwear. To work with unique ethical Swimwear designers from all over the world to provide Bèl Bagay Swimwear Boutique with exceptional products that utilize only environmentally friendly fabrics and materials.


The Company

Bèl Bagay Swimwear Boutique was founded by Lydia in April 2019 and launched online March 16, 2020. Born and raised in the Caribbean by Creole/French speaking parents, Lydia’s Caribbean culture and heritage inspired the name “Bèl Bagay,” which is the creole words for “Beautiful Thing.” Those words empower women to love themselves as they are, and to be relentless at improving lives and the lives of others.
Growing up in the Caribbean, every day was a beach day for Lydia, especially on Holidays and Sunday’s. Her love for fashion and design was born in the Caribbean at a young age. However, her passion for swimwear design developed after moving to the United States as a young woman. She learned from numerous swimwear designers about the intricacies of what makes a swimsuit special by traveling to different shows and attending conferences. She learned to appreciate the style, the materials, the colors, the texture of a well-designed swimsuit garment.
In addition, Lydia learned that love and the need to express a woman's personality are all critical attributes and characteristics that makes a swimwear a work of art. This is where her passion shows: the sharing with women of all backgrounds across the globe the grace of a lovely swimming garment.
Her dedication to Bèl Bagay Swimwear Boutique she credits to her parents, of blessed memory. They inspire her to this day to love every aspect of life in the moment, body, mind, and soul.
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Be Bold, Be True, Be You in Bèl Bagay Swimwear!